Dog Daycare

Petz Mania is more than just a standard dog sitter. Here, dogs are allowed to socialize and play in our enormous facility.

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Requirements Checklist

Puppy Adult
Rabies Vaccinations
Bordetella Vaccinations
Distemper Vaccinations
Spayed or Nuetered
Flea and Tick Free
Boarding Deposit

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri 7:00am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 7:30am – 7:00 pm

Dogs Breeds We Don’t Accept

Due to our commercial nature we aren’t permitted to accept these breed

  • Kangal

  • Pit-Bull

  • Boerboel

  • Staffordshire Terrier

  • American Bulldog

  • Cane Corso

  • Dogo Argentino

  • Wolf-Hybrid

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